Loose Leash Walking – A Refresher

The weather is finally getting warmer!  You and Fido have serious cabin fever and you are ready to get out side and start walking in the fresh air and soak in the sun!   The problem is everyone has the same idea!  So as you and Fido are getting out there for the first time since …

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Dog Games that Reinforce Obedience Commands

Dog catching treat

Dog training doesn’t need to be all about hard work.  It is proven that dogs learn faster when your training sessions are short, 10-15 minutes a couple times a day.  Repetition is the key for all the things you teach your dog.   Below are a couple of games that you can play with your dog …

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Puppy Potty Training Tips

Puppy Potty Training Tips

So you got a new puppy.  Congratulations!

Potty training is the one of the first things you will teach your new puppy.   One of the top reasons why dogs are given up is because they are not housebroken properly.  So this is on thing that you definitely want to dedicate time and potty train your …

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Fear Based Dog Reactivity – Use Desensitization & Counter Conditioning

What is Fear Based Dog Reactivity/Aggression? 

In dog training fear based dog reactivity is usually defined as “a feeling of apprehension associated with the presence or proximity of a person, dog/animal, or situation (either social or environmental)

What Causes Fear Reactivity/Aggression? 

The #1 reason is generally lack of quality and positive socialization.   Dogs who are …

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Calm Dog Greetings

Calm Relaxed Dog Nose Greeting

One of the most common complaints I get from dog owners is that they think their dog is “aggressive” on leash towards other dogs.   Usually this this is due to the fact that the owners have unknowingly put their dogs in situation after situation, where their dog or the other dog is either too excited …

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The STAY command is one of the best skills you can teach your dog.     What does STAY mean?  For this article, STAY means that you are asking your dog to hold a specific position no matter what is going on around them until you release them.  Generally the STAY command is combined with control position.   …

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