About Trainer

Certified obedience dog trainer, Michelle Jackson has over 16 years of dog obedience training experience, specializing in reactive dogs.  Certified dog trainer by Animal Behavior College and by PetSmart whose certified obedience training program was developed by leading animal behaviorists including Suzanne Hetts, Pamela J. Reid, PHD, & Terry Ryan.

To provide clients with the best possible obedience dog training service, Michelle is determine to stay on top of the newest techniques and advances in animal behavior by participating in numerous seminars given by outstanding professionals.

Formal training and seminars completed to date include:

  •  Certified Obedience Dog Trainer, Animal Behavior College
  • Accredited Pet Training Instructor, PetSmart
  • Training Skills for Trainers Clinic by Brenda Aloff
  • Advanced Clicker Training by Kathy Sdao, M.A.
  • The THIRD WAY Foundations by Chris Bach
  • Advanced Trainer’s Clinic by Brenda Aloff
  • Get Connected Trainer’s Clinic by Brenda Aloff
  • Agility Puzzle – Putting the Pieces Together by Linda Brady

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