Class Descriptions

All classes are 4 to 6 week long and meet once a week on the same day and time as the first class

Obedience Classes:

Self Control 1 Dog Obedience:   A 4 week class that introduces your dog to dog obedience fundamentals.  We provide you information about how your dog learns and communicates.  You and your dog will learn about the importance of eye contact and how to SIT, DOWN, STAY, LEAVE IT, and how to LOOSE LEASH WALK.   We also introduce dog socialization with 20 minutes of dog play in each class.

Self Control 2 Dog Obedience:  The second 4 week dog obedience class allows you to fine tune all of the skills you learned in the first class, plus we introduce more advanced obedience commands including COME WHEN CALLED, NO JUMPING, and WAIT so that your dog learns not to dash through doors.   Pre-requisite – Self Control 1 Dog Obedience class

Loose Leash Walking Classes:   A 4 week class that focuses on teaching your dog how to walk loose on a leash.  We start with loose leash walking fundamentals, then add other techniques to help keep your dog focused and calm on your walks such as LEAVE IT, ARCING, and BACKAWAY.   These classes are perfect for any dog that pulls, lunges, barks at other dogs, animals, and people.

Agility Classes:

Beginner Agility: Beginner Agility is a great class if your dog has little or no agility experience.  This class teaches you basic handling skills that your dog needs while doing agility.  Your dog will also learn how to do jumps, A-frame, tunnel, pause table, and teeter and tire jump.

Intermediate Agility:  Intermediate class takes agility to the next level.  In this class we will fine tune your handling skills as well as introduce the Chute, Crawl, a variety of jumps and jumping sequences, while working on all the obstacles from Beginner Agility.  Pre-requisite – Completed Beginner Agility

Just Runs Agility: We bring it all together in this class.  This class is dedicated to only doing course runs allowing you to continue to fine-tune you and your dog’s performance.  Each week different obstacles will be added and removed from the course so that you can practice on all of the obstacles throughout the length of the class.  Pre-requisite – Completed Intermediate Agility.  Dog must already be familiar with ALL obstacles

Rally Obedience Classes:

Beginner and Intermediate Rally Obedience:  Beginner and Intermediate Rally Obedience introduces you and your dog to competition obedience in a way that is fun and helps you build and strengthen a partnership with your dog.  Rally O emphasizes teaching your dog a strong heel while practicing AKC Rally Obedience maneuvers.

Click A Trick Class:

Use Clicker Training to teach your dog to do tricks.  Not only will you stun your friends on how smart your dog is, but also your dog will gain a ton of benefits, such as increasing their self confidence and increasing the bond you have with your dog by using positive reinforcement training techniques.   And it is just about having some fun with your dog!

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