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Paws N Play, LLC
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by Dena Matthews on Paws N Play, LLC
Puppy Class

We just finished a 6 wk class with our rescue dog, Dobby. At first we didn't have much hope that he would learn anything. Michelle is very positive and energetic. She gave us hope. By the end of class, Dobby actually sits when told. He is getting good at coming when we call him and learning to walk better on a leash. He is turning into a happy dog with a happy family. We are interested in Agility classes and definitely wouldn't think of going anywhere else. Thanks Michelle!!

by Etta Menlo on Paws N Play, LLC
Self Control Class

We just finished the Self Control class with our rescue, a border collie/lab mix. Michelle is very positive, down to earth, easy to understand, flexible, and resourceful. I especially loved that she is focused on how to get what you want from your dog--not judgmental or trying to impose hard and fast rules. It was a great experience!

by Carol Hachlinski on Paws N Play, LLC
Dog Obedience Class

A friend and I just completed Michelle"s Self Control Obedience Class with our dogs. Being in her class is a very comfortable experience and a fun place to be. However, a lot of knowledge is gained with regards to correct and important dog behavior. The goals are very specific but altered as necessary for your particular canine. Informational sheets are given for each class which are really helpful for referral later. Michelle is a kind, firm, flexible as needed, and enthusiastic teacher and she loves all of her doggie friends, and their owners. At 5 years of age, my pet improved her behavior, and I thought maybe it was too long standing to change.

by Jaime on Paws N Play, LLC
In Home Consultation

Michelle came to help our family with our 2 recent rescue's. Both puppies have different areas of concern, one being timid and the other being a little "hyper-active". Michelle gave us fantastic training instructions and support! We cannot thank her enough! If you need help, please call her!

by Steve Miles on Paws N Play, LLC
puppy class

Michelle is awesome. Very enthusiastic and in the 2 hour session I was already seeing improvement in our dogs behavior. We should have done this months ago..she gave us a lot of tips..included the kids and followed up with us. What seemed like an impossible task..calming this out of control puppy already working. You have brought a lot of peace in our home! Thanks

by Nancy on Paws N Play, LLC
Puppy Class

We brought our puppy to Michelle's puppy class. Her knowledge of training dogs was obvious. Her patience with both dogs and owners was appreciated. Each class she took a bit of time to personally address any problems or concerns we had concerning our dogs and gave practical advice to help. Her new facility was spacious, fresh and clean. I'm looking forward to future classes with Michelle!

by Donna on Paws N Play, LLC
Barking, Growling & Lunging at Dogs & People while Walking & More

Thank you Michelle for all your help with my foster, Cooper. We noticed a difference in just a little time we were home practicing. We will continue with the training to keep him on the right track. You have taught me also, by changing what I knew already, just a little differently based on my dog gets better results. I will recommend your classes to others! I'm sure we will be working together again.

by Laura and family on Paws N Play, LLC

Michelle came to our home for a consultation on our new dog (Romeo); a 2 yr. old lab/pit mix that we recently adopted from a shelter. Romeo was having problems with aggression during play outside. He was jumping up and mouthing, grabbing a hold of clothing at the ankles and wrists and chewing holes. Play time just got too stressful. The kids and I were afraid to play with our new pet! I first discussed Romeo's issues with Michelle on the phone. When she came to our home and experienced these first hand, she immediately took charge and got Romeo under control! She knew exactly what was going on and how to effectively manage it. She gave us a lot of good advice which we have followed and have gotten good results! We are very happy ( and relieved)!

Thank you Michelle for being a part of our pet team!!

by George Wilson on Paws N Play, LLC
In House Training

We had Michelle come to our house to give advice on our 6-month old German Wirehair (Sparky). He had a lot of bad habits,jumping on people, nipping our girls, barking etc etc. Michelle's advice and training transformed him overnight. Her insight into dog psychology was fantastic and all the tips and tricks she showed us have worked. The instant results were very impressive. We thoroughly recommend Michelle!

by Susan on Paws N Play, LLC
Intro to Agility

My 27-year-old son passed away in July 2014. I took in his seven-year-old dog to live with me and my two senior Pugs and a cat. I thought the Intro to Agility class would be a great bonding experience for me and Duke. It was. Although my son trained Dukel in obedience, etc., I wanted him to learn to listen to me. Michelle taught us many tricks to get our dogs to heed our commands, both verbal and with our hands and in the meantime, we had a lot of fun watching our dogs learn to jump, hit the target, walk across the teeter-totter, run through the tunnel and more. Thanks, Michelle. You helped me strengthen my relationship with Duke and I know his dad, my son, would be so proud of both of us. I will recommend your classes.

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