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Dog Agility For Fun by Paws N Play

 What is Agility?

Dog Agility is a an official AKC and USDAA competitive dog sport where you teach your dog to master a variety of obstacles such as A-frames, Teeters, Tunnels, Jumps, Pause Tables, Weaves, and many many more. You will work with your dog to teach him to zip through tunnels, over A-frames, in and out of weave poles.  But here at Paws N Play, we focus more on the benefits of agility rather than competition.

Dog Agility for fun is a great way to have fun with your dog while:

  •  Enforcing obedience commands such as sit, come, and stay
  •  Building your dog’s self confidence & improving your bond with your dog
  •  Exercising your dog both mentally and physically
  •  Provides an excellent environment for socialization with people and other dogs

We teach you to use a variety of positive reward techniques that includes treats and toys to make learning the obstacles a good experience for all. You will see your dog’s confidence level significantly increase as you progress through the Dog Agility for Fun classes.

So start  reaping the benefits of doing dog agility with your dog….

Paws N Play offers Dog Agility Beginner Courses and Dog Agility Intermediate Courses and then for those who have taken both Dog Agility Courses, we offer a Just Runs Dog Agility class which allows you and your dog to have fun every week doing Dog Agility.

Check out our Class Calendar to see upcoming workshops and classes.

Unsure what agility class to sign your dog up for?  Click here to review an overview of each of the classes.

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