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Private Dog Training

Private dog training in your home where the lessons are customized to you, your family, and your dog’s specific needs.  We focus on positive reward techniques and tools that address the root cause of the problem providing effective results.  Private dog training is appropriate for any behavioral issue that your dog may be exhibiting .

  • Reactivity or aggression towards people or dogs
  • Lunging at dogs, people, or objects while walking on leash
  • Exhibits significant fearfulness or anxiety towards:
    • people
    • dogs
    • objects (i.e cars, bikes)
    • situations (i.e loud noises, thunderstorms)
  • Separation Anxiety issues
  • Jumping on people for greetings
  • Excessive Chewing or Barking issues
  • Potty (House) Training
  • Counter or Garbage Can Surfing
  • Doesn’t come to you when called
  • Dashing out of the door or yard
  • And general bad manners

Private Dog Training Packages & Rates

Service DescriptionRate/FeeWhat to Expect from your In-Home Training Service
Initial Consultation Fee
  • Includes initial phone consultation
  • Initial custom program development

  • Trainer will arrive at your home or other specified location (such as a park)
  • You will be required to complete a client registration & liability form
  • Review the custom plan and tweak as needed
  • Then we get started! Trainer observe behavior of concern and walk you through steps, tools, techniques to use to help your dog overcome these issues
  • At the end of the session, you will be provided with a package of reference materials
  • Schedule another session (if needed)

By the Hour
  • Training provided at your home or specified location
  • Provided written customized plan and reference documentation
$80.00 /hour
4 Hour Package
  • 1 time payment
  • Occurs over 2-6 week period
  • Includes above service deliverables

(Save $10)
8 Hour Package
  • 1 time payment
  • Occurs over 4-8 week period
  • Includes above service deliverables
(Save $32)
Mileage Surcharge$0.50/mileOnly applies to locations outside of 15 mile radius from Paws N Play home base (Farmington Hills, MI)

 Every dog can change, but it takes your support, persistence, and consistency to help them change.  And also, sometimes, this means that you need to change what and how you interact with your dog to help him overcome his behavioral issues.  Get help from with a private dog training session!

 By becoming your dog’s champion trainer, together you will transform!

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