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Dog Obedience & Rally O Training

Paws N Play offers a variety of  Dog Obedience and Rally Obedience (Rally O) group classes

Teaching your dog impulse control is at the heart of all Dog Obedience Training.  That is why our dog obedience classes focus on those commands that teach your dog self control.   Dogs with good self control are dogs who have GOOD MANNERS!

Our Self Control Dog Obedience classes use positive reinforcement techniques that help you develop a respectful relationship with your dog based on trust and clear communication.   We teach you how to be a leader to your dog.  Being a great leader to your dog helps your dog feel safe and confident in every day activities and lays the foundation for a good relationship for the rest of their lives.


Self Control Obedience Class provides provides dog obedience training for any dog who has not had any previous dog training or needs a refresher on dog obedience commands and impulse control.  This class is focused teaching impulse control fundamentals  such as:

  • ATTENTION or that eye contact is good
  • SIT command, DOWN command, and STAY command which teaches your dog impulse control by asking them to hold a position
  • LEAVE IT to keep them safe and teach them to ignore other dogs, people, food, etc
  • LOOSE LEASH WALKING so your dog does not pull you down the street when walking
  • COME WHEN CALLED to establish a good recall habit
  • WAIT to prevent your dog from dashing out doors
  • NO JUMPING to teach your dog that only calm greetings get them the attention they crave!

Self Control Obedience classes also include 20 minutes of off leash dog play.   This indoor dog play is supervised by you and the trainer so that you learn what appropriate dog play looks like and how to correct dog play that is not appropriate.

Our Dog Obedience training classes offer exceptional dog socialization and teaches your dog impulse control for a happy and calm member of the family.

Rally Obedience (or Rally O) is an obedience sport that teaches you and your dog to become partners or a team working together.   It involves working with your dog through a course of obedience activities where your dog has fun learning to HEEL, FINISH LEFT, FINISH RIGHT, and many other activities, like teaching your dog to walk around you, come front, weave through cones, etc.   It is the next step down the obedience path.  Paws N Play offers Beginner and Intermediate Rally Obedience classes.


A variety of 1 time workshops are offered on a variety to problem behaviors.  Each workshop is 1.5 – 2 hours long.  The workshops focus ONLY on the specific topic specified in the Workshop name.    An example of workshops offered are:

  • Jumping on People
  • Leave It
  • Wait
  • Basic Loose Leash Walking (LLW)
  • Loose Leash Walking with Leave It (for dogs who react poorly to other dogs or people while walking)
  • Loose Leash Walking with Backaway (for dogs who react poorly to other dogs or people while walking
  • Come
  • Dog Relaxation 101 (How to make your dog a calm dog!)
  • Resource Guarding 101 (For dogs who don’t give up toys or is reactive around food)

Check out our Class Calendar to see upcoming workshops and classes.

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